My Philosophy on Gifting

My beautiful friend, Esther (pictured) had her bridal shower this weekend. It’s always such fun to celebrate someone you love with a little party. And, I got to bum around looking for a gift of pretty, delicate pieces in Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret, which I have to admit, I did not hate. I’m a huge sucker for something blush/cream toned and lacy. That kind of subtle sexy is what my style is all about. I ended up buying her the sweetest little lingerie set as her gift, and she loved it.

Gift giving is a tough game, and it can feel pretty overwhelming to want to give something special but feel like your lost in a sea of options. My dad always used to tell me that people were (mostly) wrong when they say “it’s not the value of what you give, it’s the thought that counts.” They were half right, the thought is really meaningful and certainly matters. But how much time or money a person spends on a gift is significant as well, because it means that someone had to sacrifice his or her resources for the other person. I think he had a really good point here. I’m always so touched when I receive a inexpensive gift from a friend who I know may be struggling financially. It meant that person cared enough to find a way to make the gift a priority, and that’s always been extremely meaningful.

When I buy gifts today I try to stick to a few rules: 1. Decide what an appropriate amount is to spend on that gift (and then I usually add about $10 to that number). 2. Research! Google is a good friend. I try to think of the perfect gift, and I google it to see if it exists. I often end up buying something from a random site I found because it was exactly what I envisioned. 3. Wrap it up well. I like to invest in wrapping. I’m not really sure why, but I always feel like people are more excited to open up my gift if I use nice paper and spend time on a pretty bow.

Giving gifts can be even more fun than receiving them if you do it right! Thanks for sharing in my philosophy of giving good gifts!

xo Lauren

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