A Visitor’s Guide to Los Angeles: An Introduction

So why do I think you should come to Los Angeles? You already know about the amazing weather, Hollywood, the beaches, celebrities, etc. But I’m going to suggest that those are not the reasons to come to Los Angeles. OK, everyone (even people who live here) loves seeing a celebrity casually having dinner a few seats away, but there’s more to LA than that.  Despite the traffic (yes, it is as bad as you think it is), the high gas prices and it’s reputation for plastic surgery, obscenely luxurious automobiles and the Kardashians, Los Angeles is a diverse, vibrant and beautiful city.

From the off-center beating heart of Downtown to the uniquely chill neighborhoods of Venice and Silver Lake you will find people of all types devoted to what they love and fighting hard to make it in an expensive and rigorous town. If you’re privy to the passengers seat (because you will be driving, everywhere)  you will notice eclectic and progressive architecture, bougainvillea growing like weeds, the quintessential sunset behind a row of palm trees and of course, the beach and the mountains. You will eat the best food anywhere (and seriously, I mean anywhere) enjoy art museums up there with the best of them and hopefully try a dozen things you’ve never tried before, like eat the world’s best omelette at a nationally ranked French bistro housed in a strip mall or gawk at the amazing “I could never afford to live here”homes along the Venice canals (well, they’re our version of the Venice canals, anyway).

So, are the stereotypes true? Yes. It is true that an awesome taco joint and a raw juice bar are always a stone’s throw away. It is also true that everyone drives everywhere and seemingly, there are more BMWs here than there are in Germany. But despite the kitsch and some of the more absurd parts of Los Angeles culture (I’m looking at you high-end pet boutiques), it is a wonderful city with more than you could possibly do on one vacation, perhaps even a life-time.

“So what should I do while in LA?” you ask. Look for “A Visitor’s Guide to Los Angeles: Part 1.”

Thanks for reading about what’s good about LA.

– Christopher



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