Getting to Know Our Family

Welcome to For the Good blog! My name is Lauren, I am the creator and head writer for the blog. My husband Christopher is also involved in guest writing as well as co-writing some pieces with me. Our main goal for this blog is to create a space that is representative of our personalities as well as individual and family values. These values center on building a warm home, living fashionably and most of all, cultivating honest, healthy relationships. We aim to pursue a life rooted in kindness, generosity and a deep respect for diversity.

A little bit about our family: Christopher and I have been married for 4 years and welcomed our son, Theodore in September of 2015. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in our marriage (just like most couples) and enjoy the opportunity to share our challenges and triumphs. Christopher is a graduate student in his 5th year of school completing his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He’s a real whipper-snapper with a great sense of style and eye for interior design. Christopher really excels at organization and visual aesthetic, both of which I think will lend very well to this blog space. He is brilliant, sensitive and incredibly loving – A great husband and father. Our son, Theodore, is the loveliest little boy. He’s constantly reminding us of the importance of play (even in our marriage) and just has the calmest, sweetest little disposition. We love him so dearly. And you’ll hopefully get to know me a little better as we go on.

Originally, this blogs’ sole purpose was to act as a creative outlet for us. However, we hope you enjoy reading about what we’ve found that’s good as much as we’ve enjoyed finding it. Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to sharing pieces of our lives with you!

xo Lauren

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