My Style Breakdown

The minute I turned 18, I jumped into the working world of high-end retail. Christopher is very well dressed (the man can wear a suit like no one’s business) and we met while working in retail. So, the world of clothing has always been an important part of my life.

Clothing is a creative outlet for me. I have to wear clothes (usually…), so why not wear something that makes me feel confident and feels good on my skin. My style has certainly evolved over the years, and will likely continue to change as my lifestyle changes, but that’s a process I’ve come to enjoy. My philosophy on clothing is this:

I buy items that are quality. This means high quality, soft fabrics. Touch is my preferred, immediate sensory input, so if it doesn’t feel good on my hands, there’s no way it’s going on my body.

I buy items that are made well. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I get when I wash an item I just bought and the stitching is already unraveling – even if I only spent $10 on it, that means I spent $10 on one wear.

I buy items that are classic. Now, this doesn’t mean I never indulge in trends… I like a good off-the-shoulder dress as much as the next girl. But I know I probably won’t want to wear those items for more than a year or so, so I don’t devote more than 20% of my style budget to it. This means, instead, I buy clean, simple styles.

I also buy a lot of neutrals. Honestly, I find most colors to be distracting on me. I go with a lot of creams, greys, tans and of course, black. Then I use color to spice up those looks on days when I’m in the mood for a little more. Mostly, I gravitate towards using textures to add interest to my outfits. An outfit with a black jacket with leather sleeves over a black cotton V-neck top, with black jeans, and black leather pumps creates a lot of visual interest. There is only black, yes. But the different structure of each piece combined with varying textures create subtle interest that’s, well…subtle and sexy.

One last thing: cost. I spend a good amount on the classics and staples. Our family does not live a crazy, lavish lifestyle where I’m able to go out and blow $500 a week on new clothes without blinking an eye. That’s just not our situation. So my goal has always been to utilize what I do have available to me to make the most of my wardrobe. For me, this means spending most of my budget on simple, more expensive pieces, while incorporating cheaper, trendy impulse buys here and there. My closet is usually not filled with impulse buys, simply because I can’t afford to be continuously adding to it (and trends have a habit of changing so darn often). Sometimes it takes me months to afford the good stuff, even years. But I end up loving that item so much more, and the high quality and fabric means I get to enjoy it for much longer.

Thanks for sharing in what’s been good for me!

xo Lauren

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